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Enough Said

Enough Said is a romantic comedy about Eva, a divorced masseuse raising her teenage daughter. At a party, she strikes up a conversation with a poet named Marianne that she agrees to take on as a client. While making an exit with her friends, she is introduced to Albert, another divorcé with a teenage daughter. Although Albert isn’t the type Eva would ordinarily be attracted to, the two hit it off and start dating shortly thereafter.

As Eva and Albert’s romance develops, Marianne and Eva discuss details about their personal lives at each massage session; Marianne ridicules her ex-husband and Eva shares dating anecdotes about her new beau. The more Eva learns about Marianne, the more fascinated she becomes.

Unbeknownst to Eva, Albert is Marianne’s ex, Albert is unaware Marianne’s her client, and Marianne’s doesn’t know Albert is her boyfriend. Eva discovers this twist of fate when on separate occasions she sees Albert and Marianne’s daughter with each parent. Feeling trapped and uncertain how to handle the situation, Eva chooses to ignore it and doesn’t inform Albert or Marianne, but Eva’s high regard for Marianne’s judgment and her critique of her ex begins to poison Eva’s relationship with Albert.

Enough Said depicts a common weakness of subverting one’s visceral reactions in favor of the opinions of others. Rather than do things that truly make one happy, too often many seek approval from others perceived as more sophisticated or better, which leads to poor decisions.

Throughout the movie there was a running comment where people upon first meeting Eva and learning of her occupation ask whether her male clients get aroused. The lines are not delivered for comedic effect, it doesn’t come to anything in the story, and somehow it seems misplaced.

Nevertheless, Enough Said is light-hearted entertainment that is pleasant to watch.


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