People Who Live In Glass Houses

Everything EverythingEverything, Everything poses the question of whether an opportunity for love is worth risking one’s life. Madeline Whittier has recently turned eighteen when the movie opens, yet she hasn’t been outside since being an infant and diagnosed with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disease. Her human interactions are limited to her mother, who also serves as her doctor, and Carla, her nurse and caretaker during the hours her mother is at work. To prevent Maddy’s immune system from being compromised, the house is equipped with filters and an air-lock system combined with a decontamination regimen that her mother and Carla follow.

When Ollie and his family move next door, Maddy and Ollie fall in love in spite of being hindered by her condition. Once her mother finds out about their relationship, Maddy’s mom prohibits any communication between Maddy and Ollie in an attempt to protect her from being hurt. Having spent years relying on her imagination to cope with the being confined to the indoors, Maddy hatches a plan to take control of her life.

Amandla Stenberg does a wonderful job striking the right balance of naiveté and emotional maturity in her portrayal of Maddie as someone whose childhood is challenged by her disease yet manages to maintain her sense of humor and endure.

Everything, Everything is a teen film that is totally enjoyable and will touch your heart.


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